Dear Dr. John Paul,

I would like to thank you for helping me alleviate my physical pains while going through law school which can be very stressful at times, especially when it comes to exam taking time. My back and shoulder were giving me excruciating pain when I first started seeing you. I could hardly move my hand, which was sore, and I had numbness in my arms as a result of spending numerous hours at the computer. Within only three months under your Chiropractic care and excellent nutritional consulting, I am back to normal because I have no more pain in my shoulders and arms. During my second re-examination I had actually totally forgotten about my pain and why I had seen you in the first place! Now it feels easier to study without the previous on-going pains, and law school has become a more enjoyable process.

Thank you again, Dr. John Paul !

Barbara O., M.B.A.
J.D. Candidate 2010
IP Fellow, Thomas Jefferson School of Law
President, Intellectual Property Association (IPLA)

I have struggled with neck and back pain for most of my life. At 3 years of age I had a serious fall that damaged my spine. After a car accident in college the frequency of the pain in my neck and back began to increase. My ability to play soccer and run competitively was severely limited until I learned how to mentally adjust to the pain. And that was my solution – pretend the pain doesn’t’ exist and suck it up.

This “brilliant” solution worked well enough until just after the birth of my son. I was carrying him to the changing table when my knees buckled from the sudden pain gripping my back and twisting my words into useless utterances. I was literally paralyzed – alone with an infant and with no idea how I was going to get to the telephone to call for help.

When help arrived it was in the form of medication that I couldn’t take because I was nursing. Over time I adjusted to the new limitations placed on my life, always searching for some way to temporarily fix the problem. Then I met Dr. John Paul. He would see me struggling to pick up groceries or walk to work and would encourage me to get adjusted. I liked Dr. John Paul, but I didn’t want to tell him that I thought Chiropractic was a little suspicious. So I put him off until one day the pain was too great to ignore.

After several weeks of adjustments I was feeling better and began missing appointments. Of course, the pain resurfaced with a vengeance and I committed myself to regular adjustments. During this time my son Shawlin, now 3 years old, broke his clavicle. John Paul suggested I bring him in as well. Shawlin had suffered from asthma since infancy and was on a regime of steroids to control the inflammation in his lungs. We had made numerous trips to the ER and I was struggling to find a permanent solution to his breathing difficulties that did not include powerful drug application. Our lives revolved around his nebulizer treatments and I was willing to try an alternative approach.

Through regular adjustments and dietary changes, Shawlin has been asthma free, with a few minor exceptions, for over a year. The nebulizer now sits on a top shelf tucked behind the crock pot in the kitchen cabinet. His shoulder is completely healed. Most importantly, he has developed a bond with his health care providers –Drs. John Paul and Lara.

We are forever in their debt for the miraculous recovery we have both experienced. I am a pragmatic, logical woman who began to understand through my own experience that traditional medicine has a lot of catching up to do. I can invest in my family’s future by following a simple regimen of spinal adjustments. I still have stress, but it has less of an impact on my physical well-being.

Thank you Drs. John Paul and Lara!

Chiropractic Life Center staff Everything and everybody is so cheerful and positive.
I always feel very welcome and valued as an individual because of the atmosphere in the office. Starting with the cheerful greeting with the receptionist to the positive attitude of Dr. John Paul, who is always so upbeat and professional, it makes for a great Chiropractic experience. The doctor always explains what he is doing with the various adjustments and is constantly educating the patient with good sound practical information. Dr. Condon is concerned with the total individual both mentally and physically.

Ron L.