Our Story: Why would you want to be a Chiropractor?

Dr. John Paul's story

With uncles and aunts in the medical profession, I was asked this question frequently. My uncles who are medical doctors thought I should be a surgeon or another MD. But my life took me on a different path. When I was in high school in Valley Stream, NY, I played ice hockey. I was one of the team captains when we played in the New York state games.

One night during a game, I was skating for the goal when a player from the other team cross-checked me in the neck with his hockey stick. I fell back on the ice and all I could see were the lights from the arena glaring above me. The EMTs came over and shone a flashlight in my eyes and said “he’s in the twilight zone between conscious and unconscious.” They asked me to move my arms and legs, but I couldn’t. They quickly put a cervical collar on me and rushed me to the emergency room. 99 pictures later they determined that I had stretched the spinal cord between C6 and C7. Well, I know now that a stretch injury is more damaging than compression injury.

I went to all the top medical offices – no one, not even the neurosurgeons knew how to help me. I spent my days wondering what would happen to me. I couldn’t move my arms and legs - my mom had to feed me!

Then my brother, who was playing professional tennis at the time, took me to his Sports Chiropractor. He adjusted my neck each day and within a week I could move my arms and hands again, within a month I was back on the field playing ice hockey.

Those arms and hands that once could not move, I now use every day to help hundreds of people in Encinitas and beyond North County get back on the path to health and wellness. I help people with headaches, low back pain, kids with asthma and bedwetting, and people who have been in car accidents.

I know how life-changing Chiropractic can be and I can help you too!

Dr. Lara's Story

When I was 16 I made a decision that changed my life forever. I went to a chiropractor. I grew up in Pennsylvania, and as I was learning to drive, I had a few fender benders. They seemed minor at the time. They weren’t major car accidents, I didn’t have to go to the hospital, I didn’t have any visible injuries. But what I did notice in the months that followed was my neck pain and back stiffness. I played field hockey at the time and I used to get frustrated because my game began to get worse and worse

One day my mom suggested I see her Chiropractor. I was a nervous. I didn’t know if she was going to hurt me. The chiropractor did an exam on my spine and found some misalignments. She adjusted them and the adjustments didn’t hurt. They actually felt good. After a few weeks of adjustments I noticed my hockey game started to improve. I noticed that my neck and back didn’t hurt as much. And I even began to notice things that I never anticipated. My allergies went away - I stopped being allergic to bee stings and poison ivy. I felt calmer and happier. I used to have depression, and I no longer did while I was under chiropractic care. That winter I didn’t get a cold or the flu for the first time ever! My immune system was stronger!

I talked to other patients in the office and found that everyone had a story to tell. Some people had been helped with their insomnia, other brought their kids and found that their kids started having better bowel movements, fewer ear infections, and became some of the healthiest kids around. Many people found that they didn’t need as much medication and some got off drugs and medication completely.

A few years later I decided I wanted to offer this life-changing gift to other people, so I went to Chiropractic school. And now am fortunate to practice with my husband in North County San Diego!