BJ Palmer on HEALING

A Chiropractor doesn’t TREAT anything. He ADJUSTS cause of dis-ease. “Nerves” are a substance. THEY cannot be stimulated or inhibited. If they could, we could work on corpses, for a DEAD man has as many “nerves” as a live one. It is the LIVING mental impulse supply flowing into and thru “nerves” in LIVING bodies that is vital.

Pressure upon nerves carrying continuous currents from the Innate Brain to Educated Brain is interfering with proper transmission, anywhere from a fraction of one percent to ninety-nine percent of currents.

We cannot expect any person, male or female, child or adult, black or white, animal or human, to think one hundred percent thoughts when they are not getting the current to think with. It takes force acting through matter to act thought and, no matter how much your mind wishes, if you have not currents going through that brain you cannot think pure, wholesome thought. I do not look with scorn or contempt upon the person who cannot appreciate Innate’s ideal. There is a cause which needs adjusting. I should be his friend.

Who is BJ Palmer? He is the developer of Chiropractic, Son of DD Palmer; founder of Chiropractic, 1895.

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