‘That Something’ : An excerpt from BJ Palmer’s writing.

“What is it that keeps the underdog down?

What is it that the upper ten possess that the under ten thousand do not have?”

“Why, it’s ‘That Something,'”

“And now tell me just what you think ‘That Something’ really is?”

“Of this one thing I am convinced, through and through. It is real human power, as truly real as the commercial electrical current. It is the power of the inner man, the fuel of the soul machine. It is one thing necessary. Until we awaken ‘That Something‘ of the soul, we bear on our muscles those who have found ‘That Something’. And we bear them on up the mountain to take their places among the masters of men. ‘That Something‘ lies dormant in every soul until aroused. With many, it sleeps until the last great sleep. Sometimes it does not wake until the man stands tottering on the border of the grave. Sometimes it is found by the child playing by the mother’s knee. A man’s success depends alone on ‘That Something‘. ‘That Something‘ of his soul. Abraham Lincoln found it when a lad. It warmed the cold floor on which he lay and studied. It added light to the flickering glow of the wood fire, that he might see to read. It spurred him on, and on, and on. ‘That Something‘ is an awful force. It made of a puny, Corsican the ruler of the world! It made of a thin-chested bookkeeper the MONKEY KING of a great country! It made Edison the great man of his age! It made Carnegie! It made WOODROW WILSON! It made Roosevelt!

It can make you! It is now in your soul!

Awaken it – now! ‘That Something‘.”

-BJ Palmer, Developer of Chiropractic

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