ChiroThot – Germs!

“In my own research (and much done before my time), has shown that the germ theory of disease does not tell the whole story. I came to the conclusion that germs do not initiate a diseased state of the body, but appear later when a person becomes ill.” -Alice Lorraine Smith (contemporary microbiologist)

At our office, we often get calls with someone saying they can’t come in because they are sick and they don’t want us to get it. Well, this ChiroThot is here to clear up any confusion. First thing–We WANT you to get adjusted when you aren’t feeling well. The adjustments will help you get better faster by boosting your immune system. The second thing is, WE DON’T BELIEVE IN THE GERM THEORY!

What is the Germ Theory? It says that if you are exposed to a specific germ, bacteria or virus, you will get sick from it.

Why don’t we buy it? Because we work with lots of patients all week with many types of germs and viruses and we don’t get sick!

Rather than be the cause of the disease, germs seek out diseased tissue. They like to be around it. In the same way mosquitoes like to be around stagnant water, but they didn’t create the stagnant water!

Disease and sickness is the result of an unbalanced lifestyle.

5 Health Secrets to Inner Balance

  1. Chiropractic Adjustments 3x per week (no less than once a week). This keeps your immune system strong, and everything balanced. Your nervous system controls everything!
  2. Get rid of stagnation. Summer is a great time to do a colon cleanse!
  3. Create positive nutrition habits. Increase fruits and veggies, decrease sugar, processed foods and junk food.

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