ChiroThot – House on Fire!

If your house suddenly caught on fire, who would you call?

Answer: The fire department.

The fire department comes in and uses their tools — hammers and hoses — to spray out the fire, break down doors and windows. This is necessary to stop the fire, but we are left with a mess. If they leave such a mess, is it good that we called them? YES!!! But, should we call them back the next day to clean it all up? No, we would call a clean-up crew.

This story is an analogy to your health. Your body is the house. The fire represents cancer, heart disease, etc. If your health were in a state of emergency, you would absolutely call the fire department — of in this case, the medics. They would use their tools — drugs and surgery — to put out the fire. But, they would leave you a mess. The same question remains — would you use them to restore health and balance to your body? No. You would call the repair and maintenance department — also known as the chiropractor!

Chiropractic adjustments along with healthy lifestyle habits restore and maintain health over the long term. Come get adjusted today!

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