You may be interested in increasing your artistic creativity or maybe you need a change in some area of your life, but aren’t sure what you need or how to go about getting there. The following 5 principles can help you to spark that inner juice.

The 5 Tools of Creativity

1. Sit in stillness

Quiet your mind and allow ideas to enter. Turn down the volume on any inner chatter in your mind.

2. Have faith in your ideas

Rely on your creativity without a second thought. Don’t doubt, just go with your intuition. To have faith is to know that your creativity is always available to you.

3. Do it out of pleasure, not pressure

These exercises must bring you pleasure. If they are difficult or painful, stop and wait for a better time.

4. Remove judgment

Learn to silence that self-critical inner voice that censors your ideas.

5. Observe precisely

Engage everything around you with refreshed awareness. Pay attention to the smallest details.


**See your chiropractor regularly to reconnect your brain and your body, allowing your innate creativity to fully express itself.


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