Top 10 Causes of Spinal Misalignment

The causes of subluxations (spinal misalignments) are numerous and often unavoidable. They can occur any time in your life, and may be present many years before symptoms arise. Some of the most common causes of subluxations are:

1. A difficult delivery at birth – affecting the spine for the rest of life.

2. Children falling while learning to walk, and while playing during the critical growing years.

3. Poor posture or an improper sleeping position.

4. A slip or fall at any age, or any type of sports injury.

5. A motor vehicle accident – causing shock or injury.

6. Using the same body position or movement repetitively at work or play.

7. Emotional stress, trauma or anxiety – remember not to hold stress inside.

8. Inadequate exercise, improper body movement, excess body weight.

9. Lack of sufficient sleep or relaxation, excessive workload or exhaustion.

10. Incorrect lifting practices, or the improper carrying of heavy loads.

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