Your Amazing Body: Part Four “The Digestive Process”

Within the healthy body, every moment, there are thousands of chemicals being produced in just the right quantity to carry on every function necessary for life and health. Just think for a moment what happens when you put food into your mouth. Chemicals called “enzymes” are produced to begin the digestive process while food is still in the mouth. Some say that even before you eat, olfactory (smell) sensors triggered by the aroma of food cooking begin the chemical production necessary for optimal digestion of that food. Some also argue that the increase in gastrointestinal problems in today’s society may be due to a lack of this trigger mechanism due to the use of previously prepared (fast or frozen) foods.

When you swallow, the epiglottis closes and prevents food from going into your lungs. You don’t have to think about it. It just happens innately. The food then passes down the esophagus in the stomach. Maybe you think, “No big deal, it’s gravity, like a drain pipe.” But actually, it is not gravity. It is the action of the muscles lining the wall of the esophagus. You could swallow food while hanging upside-down and it would still pass into your stomach!

Once in the stomach, strong acids are produced to break down the food. This acid is so strong that a drop of it on your skin would leave a painful blister. Your body provides 2 1/2 quarts of this acid every day. Over 60,000 quarts of it will digest 40 tons of food during a 70 year period. Yet, it does not eat a hole in the lining of your stomach! The walls of the stomach produce a mucous-like substance that protects them from damage. Once the food passes through the stomach, the amazing part takes place. The food is made into flesh and blood. All this is occurring while we are going about our daily activities, totally oblivious to what is happening.

In order for these amazing processes to happen properly, we need a good nerve flow from the brain to the digestive organs. Chiropractic adjustments open the pathways and allow your body to do what it is intended to do.

Get adjusted regularly for optimal function!

~Taken from the book: “Enhance Your Life Experience” by Dr. Joe Strauss

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