Your Amazing Body : Part Three “The Lungs”

The lungs are a beautiful example of how design benefits function. The lungs use about 90 gallons of pure oxygen every day. There are little sacs called “alveoli” which are finger-like projections lining the walls of the lungs. Each of your lungs is not a much longer than an outstretched hand, yet the surface of them with these projections is approximately 40-60 miles! Imagine having 40-60 square miles of surface are in your chest! You breathe approximately 9 million times per year, pumping air at a rate of two gallons per minutes at rest and 26 gallons per minute when exercising!

All of this happens under the control of your brain and nervous system. You don’t even have to think about it!

Would you rather go through life with a good nerve flow to your lungs, or without? Chiropractic adjustments release that guiding and healing energy in your body so that your lungs can function at their optimum.

~Taken from the book “Enhance Your Life Experience” by Dr. Joe Strauss

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