What’s my Chiropractic story?

With uncles and aunts in the medical profession, I was asked this question frequently. My uncles who are medical doctors thought I should be another MD or work with them. But my life took me on a different path. When I was in high school in Valley Stream, NY, I played ice hockey on a competitive all-star travel league. I was one of the team captains when we played in the New York state games.

One night during a game, I was passing the puck to another teammate when a player from the other team cross-checked me in the neck with his hockey stick. I fell back on the ice and all I could see were the lights from the arena glaring down on me. The EMTs came over and shined a light in my eyes and said “he’s in the twilight zone between conscious and unconscious.” They asked me to move my arms and legs, but I couldn’t. They carried me off the ice and put a cervical collar around my neck and rushed me to the emergency room. A CT scan was taken and 99 pictures later they determined that I had stretched the spinal cord between C6 and T1.

I went to all the top medical professionals – no one, not even the orthopedic or neurosurgeons knew how to help.  They did lots of orthopedic and neuro tests, gave me some anti-inflammatories and pain meds and told me to come back for a check-up the next month.  I spent my days wondering what would happen to me. Would I be able to play hockey again, or write or pick up a fork to eat because I couldn’t move my arms and hands – my mom had to feed me!

Then my brother, who was playing junior professional tennis at the time, recommended that I see his Sports Chiropractor. He did a thorough exam, took

X-rays and told me what the cause of my problem was.  I had a reversed curve and subluxated (misaligned) vertebra at levels C6, C7 and T1 that were pinching the nerves in my neck causing the weakness and pain in my arms and hands.  He then adjusted my neck and back three times a week and after 2-3 weeks I could move my arms and hands again, within 6 weeks I was back on the ice, playing hockey. Wow!

Those arms and hands that once could not move, I now use every week to help hundreds of people in Encinitas and Southern California.  My goal is to help others function at their greatest potential and maximize their expression of life so that they can continue living the lifestyle they desire!  I help people with headaches, neck pain, low back pain, children with allergies, asthma and other digestive problems as well as people who have been in auto accidents.

I know how LIFE-changing Chiropractic can be and I can help YOU too!

~ Dr. John Paul