Chiropractor Doctor Leo Meltvedt 92024

What’s my Chiropractic story?

A Graduate of Life Chiropractic College West, Dr. Leo Meltvedt has spent the last 20 years serving San Diego.  He is a specialist in full skeletal adjusting and has spent over 6 years studying functional neurology in addition to his doctorate.  He has personally developed a system to quickly assess and address the entire joint system and balance the central nervous system (CNS).  “Spinal stability is a function of the balance within the CNS, which is lost in many patients especially in the beginning of care when it is needed most.”  Dr. Meltvedt’s analysis can determine exactly what is needed to reestablish CNS balance and enhance spinal stability resulting in better outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Why is the nervous system such a focus?  At conception, the first structure to form is the nervous system.  It then sends branches out everywhere and grows you!  The nervous system is responsible for the growth, regeneration, healing, coordination and function of every cell in your body throughout your life.  Therefore, if it is out of balance, being pulled, twisted or compressed is that a good or bad thing?  Your nervous system is the foundation to your existence.  Don’t you think you deserve an expert in maintaining and promoting it’s function?  I do.  Addressing interference in neurological function is the foundation of Chiropractic and the key to releasing the bodies ability to heal itself.

~ Dr. Leo Meltvedt