If you are in pain I strongly suggest you get the opinion of Dr. Lara and John Paul. What ever it is, I trust they can start you in the right direction.

Sean C. / Facebook

Everyone at the office is so nice and encouraging. Dr. Lara and Dr. John Paul are wonderful. Thank you for working on my back.

Linda C. / Facebook

I continue to receive amazing treatment here. Dr.s John and Lara are attentive to my personal needs, and provide great direction for maintaining my health. Many things malign my body, whether my job (archaeology), Taekwondo, surfing, or farming, but coming here helps me keep going without the pain.

Micah H. / Facebook

Doc. John Paul is an excellent and knowledgeable doctor. He really cares about the health and well-being of his patients.

Jana S. / Facebook

Goodbye Headaches & Back Pain
– Alicia R.

Chiropractic Helped with my Pregnancy and Horrible Headaches
– Stacy H.

No More Sciatica and Ear Infections due to Chiropractic Life Center

No More Neck Pain!
– Deborah G.

Couldn’t Move! Saved My Life!

No Mas Dolor de Espalda!